In Search of Cobia… However…

In Search of Cobia… However…

Had some free time early Saturday afternoon so I decided to do a little fun fishing for cobia since I’m in the Sunrise Marina March cobia tournament.   So my mate, Tommy, his son Zack and I headed out to hunt for cobia.

Our first task was to get live bait, as we headed out we could see birds dive north of the inlet.  Headed north along the beach watching the diving birds and looking for flips in the water, we slow down tommy loads the cast net, pogies flipping all around us.

Throw the Net

I said, “Tommy throw the net, now” (had a nice mark on the bottom machine).  Pulled up the net, 1 pogie, reload and throw again and again.  This went on for over 1 hr. but we finally had enough bait to head out to deeper water.

As we were “catching” bait the sunny skies turned to overcast.  Overcast skies make it almost impossible to sight fish for cobia, so we decided to head to 8A and try for kings.  Kings were biting really good, caught 5 in a matter of 30 minutes, then the bite turned off.

The weather started to deteriorate, seas picked up and the rain started all of a sudden the down rigger went off, not sure what was on the line but within a couple of minutes sailfish jump about 20 feet from the boat and was tail walking right towards the boat.  The fish went down and then resurfaced tail walking away from us shaking his head… the line went slack and he was off to fight for another day.

With disappointment on everyone’s face, we decided to head back to port.  On the way in we decided to try the Dutch wreck in hopes of finding a keeper cobia.  As soon we crossed over the wreck the long bait went screaming off, to our surprise it was a 15 pound dolphin.  After a 10 minute fight the fish was put on ice and we then proceeded to port without a cobia but some good table fare.